MN Aviation Proficiency, LLC offers the following services:

  • Primary Flight Instruction including Light Sport
  • Instrument Training
  • Multi-Engine Training
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Aircraft Transition Training – Mooney and Bonanza specialists
  • Glass-cockpit Transition Training
  • Electronic Flight Book (EFB) training (ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot specialists)
  • Ground Instruction
  • Flight Reviews
  • Aircraft Repositioning Services
  • Commercial Pilot Services

We are experienced in a wide variety of aircraft, with an extra measure of Mooney experience in models C thru S.


Our professional pilot instruction rates are reasonably priced at:

Sport, Recreational and Private Pilot Training: $55/hour ($500 for block of ten hours.)
Instrument/Commercial/CFI Training: $60/hour ($550 for block of ten hours.)
Mooney/Bonanza Transition Training $60/hour
Multi-Engine Training: $65/hour ($600 for block of ten hours.)

Flight Review Special

We offer a Flight Review special for $100 that includes one hour of flight and one hour of ground instruction, per FAR 61.56.  A helpful guide in preparing for your Flight review can be found in the FAA’s “Conducting an Effective Flight Review”.  Any remedial training required beyond the mandated minimums is discounted to the $50 rate. If you are instrument rated, we can usually incorporate an Instrument Proficiency Check with an additional hour or less of flight time, assuming you’ve flown on instruments within the past year. Check the following link for some tips on an preparing for an effective Instrument Proficiency Check.

Aircraft Repositioning / Ferry / Delivery Services

We can pick up your aircraft anywhere and deliver it anywhere, with or without you on-board.  If you’ve recently purchased an aircraft and need it delivered, or you need time in type for insurance purposes, we can help you. Aircraft repositioning services are available at the rate of $50/hour ferry flight time, plus $25/hour ($350/day maximum) for commuting time to/from origination/destination, plus actual out-of-pocket expenses. Estimated fuel cost plus one-half of our fee are due before we depart on the ferry flight, with the balance due upon delivery.

Other Services / Rates

Other contract pilot services available by quote. Contact us at 952.412.5243 to discuss.