Garmin Pilot

[Note: This is a work-in-progress since Garmin Pilot was just released on 3/27. Check this post for regular updates as we review some of the features of Garmin Pilot and develop our brief tutorial!]

As background, I’ve been an avid user of ForeFlight for awhile now, so my natural tendency is to compare how Garmin Pilot stacks up to ForeFlight. There is a high degree of feature commonality between the two, yet each is still markedly different from the other in actual design. Both deserve a thorough evaluation before committing to either one for your cockpit. So let’s checkout Garmin Pilot.

Creating a Flight Plan

Pressing the Home button will bring up the main Menu:

Notice it displays the last flight plan I used. Choose the Active FPL to go to the Active Flight Plan Page:

By default your last flight plan will appear. There are three ways to add way a waypoint. One, you can type it in the box below:

Press on the X to the right of route input area to clear the existing routing, then start typing your waypoint identifiers separated by spaces. Second, you can press on the green-plus “Add Waypoint” bar:From the pop-up menu enter the waypoint desired and select it.

Third, on the map you can press and hold until a menu appears with all neighboring identifiers from which you can pick.  If you press and hold you will see:

While holding the pressure you can move the orange circle around to the area of the waypoint you wish to include, then hold it there until you see this menu appear:

From this pop-up you can select the waypoint desired. Continue this process until you have all the waypoints you need.

Once all points are in you can save this flight plan to your Bookmarks file. Touch the Bookmarks icon (open book), then touch the green plus to bookmark your flight plan. Later you can quickly retrieve a previously saved flight by selecting it from the bookmarks.

Stay tuned for a look at more Garmin Pilot features soon!