Clients told me they wanted to provide testimonials, so I created this page:

“I recently acquired my private pilot’s license under the instruction of Loren Jones, and he couldn’t have made it any more enjoyable than he did. He is a very experienced pilot and does a great job in making instruction fun as well as informative. Have to say he was so good that he made it possible for me to get my license in under 45 hours. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking to fly.” -Ben Amundson


“Loren did more than instill good practices and procedures. He introduced me to HIS joy of flight, that is so infectious, I flew 200 hours my first year. You can’t learn that from a book or simulator.” -Jim Koktavy


“Fleming Field, South St. Paul, MN to Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, CA. A 1,700 mile cross country in a 1968 Cherokee 180D to reposition it. Daunting. Exciting. Challenging. Loren accepted the assignment which included providing instruction to a nervous student as we crossed every type of terrain, airspace, weather, the desert, then a flat landers greatest challenge, mountains and high density altitude, and finally the Pacific Marine layer. Loren is not only a great, fully knowledgeable instructor, he is an easy traveler making the time pass with good stories, humor and unlimited patience. His fees are fair and reasonable and as advertised. I highly recommend him to all interested in flying instruction.” -Paul Murphy


“I’m one of Loren’s student pilots, closing in on my first solo. I’m having the time of my life, and I can’t imagine anyone better suited to take me through pilot instruction than Loren. He is a skillful pilot and brings a passion for flying, endless patience, and his sense of humor to every lesson. We went to high school together, a hometown connection that just adds to the joy of each lesson.

Loren’s instruction is perfectly tailored to what I bring to each flight. He always acknowledges my strengths and gently helps me work on my weaknesses. He sends materials to read, directs me to organizations that provide pilot assistance, and is always available for questions by phone, email, or text. The goal of his instruction is clear – he is preparing me for a successful checkride on the way to years of safe, competent flying.

For me, this experience is more than simply learning to fly. The entire adventure is a nod to my dad, a TV weather forecaster for more than 30 years in Fargo, North Dakota. My dad got his pilot’s license at 40 years of age and flew Cessnas as a way to connect with viewers, photograph weather, and take our family on trips. My dad has been gone for many years but even so, with each lesson I understand and share his love for flying a little more – thanks to Loren.” -Carol Bergquist


“After more than a decade away from piloting an aircraft I decided it was time to get back in the left seat and purchase an aircraft. In addition to the required bi-annual, I wanted good refresher training. I had also set a goal to get my instrument rating because I wanted to use the aircraft for travel and needed the ability to fly in many types of weather.

After purchasing a Mooney 231 I contacted Loren because I’d heard of his instruction work with the Mooney Pilots Association and expertise as a Mooney owner. We worked on the Private Pilot refresher instruction, and Loren was a big help with all kinds of aircraft owner questions. Soon after picking up the necessary VFR updates and familiarization with the new aircraft, we began Instrument training.

Loren has a well thought out method on how to teach the skills needed for the rating. Each segment builds upon the next, and the practice sessions have a nice balance of mastering what has been covered and adding new tasks. His approach works very well for both ground and flight work. In addition his recommendations for computer based material really helped with the written test.

Most pilots are a bit nervous about FAA examiner check-rides. Loren told me his training prepares students for a good check-ride and a passing result. He was correct. The oral exam and the check-ride went smoothly. Once up in the air, we began a routine very similar to what we had worked on during the prior several months. Right after departure and tower hand off, I “got busy” and dialed up Approach. The rest of the check ride was just like we had practiced, many times over.

It was quite a feeling to fly the ride with confidence and land knowing I gave a good performance. It was a real sense accomplishment to have the FAA examiner say I passed the ride as he starting writing up a temporary certificate.

Loren continues to provide training, mentoring, bi-annuals, and Instrument Proficiency checks for me. I also hire him to co-pilot on weather-challenged trips when I want his experience to provide a good margin of extra safety.

Fast forward a few years later… After logging many hours and good trips with the Mooney, I wanted more seats, useful load, and speed. I purchased a Beechcraft A36 and now have room for the entire family, including the dogs. Loren helped me transition the required time for insurance requirements, plus I look forward to flying with Loren on the occasional trips and currency training.

Loren is a good pilot and a good teacher. He is passionate about teaching and not just trying to build his hours to another goal. I recommend you give him a try for any of our training needs. He will help you become a better pilot, as safe pilot and you will have fun in the process.” – Clint Sawinski


“He was such a good boy. And he always liked airplanes!” -Marilyn Jones, aka “Mom”