About Us

MN Aviation Proficiency, LLC was founded by Loren D. Jones, ATP, CFII, MEI. Loren has been fascinated by flight since childhood, and pursued his pilot’s license while in college back in 1978. He became a Certificated Flight Instructor in 1980 after achieving his commercial pilot license with single and multi-engine ratings and his instrument rating. Several years later he added his glider rating, then his Instrument Instructor privileges and Instrument Ground Instructor. He also added the Multi-Engine Flight Instructor rating to provide initial and recurrent training for his clients with multi-engine aircraft.

Most recently Loren completed his ATP with CL-65 Type Rating (with RVSM and Cat II endorsements) in order to fly Canadair Regional Jets (CRJ-200, -700 & -900) for the largest regional airline in the U.S.

He remains as passionate about teaching as he is about flying and being able to combine the two is a source of never-ending joy.

Loren is well-versed in aircraft ownership, having owned several aircraft over the last 30+ years including:

  • Stinson Voyager (S108)
  • Piper Cherokee 140 (PA28-140)
  • Cessna Skylane (C-182)
  • Mooney Ranger (M20C)

He has flown almost every single-engine model of Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and Mooney aircraft as well as variety of multi-engine aircraft by those manufacturers. He also holds a World Record Flight which you can read about here.

Loren also has a background in technology and enjoys exploring the latest in aviation technologies, from the latest in avionics to the hottest EFB products. He believes the proper application of modern digital devices with the requisite training to master those devices can dramatically improve aviation safety. Conversely, he believes the improper application of those technologies with inadequate training can lead to disaster. He is dedicated to helping pilots find and skillfully apply the right technologies to enhance their flying safety.