New Flying Adventure

SkyWest CRJ700Pardon the long delay in posting but I’ve been a bit busy the last three months. Back in early February, somewhat on a lark, I submitted an application to SkyWest Airlines, realizing no airline ever hires a guy my age. Lo and behold, they called and invited me to interview. Knowing they’d never actually hire me, I figured it was worth the time just for the experience of an airline interview. Once I agreed to go I decided that if I’m going to invest the time to interview I’ll at least go well-prepared, so I studied pretty hard for four days then headed to Denver for the interview.

The interview went really well and, surprise of all surprises, they offered me a job flying Canadair Regional Jets for them with a ground school start date a week and a half after the interview.

Thus began the adventure…

I finished the intensive four week ground school in late March, came home for two weeks, then headed to flight training in the simulators early April. It was another intense four weeks of studying and training in their Advanced Qualification Training (AQP) program, a format used by most of the major airlines.

When all was said and done I came home earlier this month (May 2015) with my Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate complete with CL-65 type rating (Canadair Regional Jets, 200, 700 and 900 models) and the requisite training for RVSM ops and Cat II ILS approaches.

So now I’m back home, waiting for my Initial Operating Experience (IOE….line flying with a check airman) to begin, probably in early June. Between now and then I’ve got a few more days of ground school and sim training to learn the differences between the CRJ-200 on which we trained and the CRJ-700 and -900 (longer versions with slightly simpler systems), which will allow me to fly any of the three aircraft.

When not flying jets out of MSP, I’ll be available for both initial and recurrent training. I’ll just have a much broader range of experience to share with you all…and even more stories to tell!