About Pilot Proficiency…

At MN Aviation Proficiency, LLC, we believe pilot proficiency is the key to aviation safety. It’s the safety edge you owe yourself, your family and the friends who fly with you. Proficiency has multiple elements that all need to be addressed to maintain the highest level of flight safety including:

  • Physical Element: Staying physically sharp through regular, sufficient sleep; consistent physical exercise; and a healthy diet.
  • Mental Element: Keeping your “head in the game” by reading and thinking about flying when you are unable to fly as regularly as you might wish. The proficient pilot never stops learning. Staying current on aviation literature helps keep you up to date not only on airmanship topics, but also on regulatory changes and the latest cockpit technologies.
  • Motor Skills: This involves the flying part. There’s no substitute for taking the controls and exercising those motor skills. That’s the part where we can help. Regular recurrent training helps break bad habits by allowing another set of eyes to identify and help you correct them before they become too deeply entrenched. A flight review every two years is not enough if you want to stay at the top of your game.

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Being a proficient pilot is an on-going process. Let us help you maintain that safety edge.  Call us at 952.412.5243 to schedule a time to sharpen your pilot skills.